Friday, October 30, 2009

Self on Palette

Every November the University of Alaska Student Union Gallery hosts a juried exhibition of self portraits. It's called No Big Heads, for its requirement that no portrait exceed 12" in any dimension. My submission, painted on a very beat up old palette, slightly cut down to meet the size requirements, was just juried in. It's really handy to have the paints laid out on the painting!

I always try to do something a bit whimsical for this show. Here are some entries from past years:

Self with Copper Ore (on copper)

Self with Drapery

Self with Bowling Girl and Giant Goose

Self with Magpie

Oil on wooden palette
Approximately 12" x 9.5"

This one is not for sale.


Beatrix Bernadotte said...

The one with the blue stone is really nice. They all are but I like that one the most :)

Carol Lambert said...

Hi Beatrix,
Thanks for your comment! I found that blue stone in a rock shop somewhere in Arizona, but it is a nice piece of copper ore. I am fascinated that the rock is blue but the metal is that wonderful red, so I did the painting on a piece of copper.