Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Basket of Linens

It all started with a lovely detail from Zubaran's Praying Virgin. I loved how this simple set of objects  held their own in the corner of a wonderful painting, and the economy of Zubaran's rendering. 

Hard to find such nice baskets! I found one in a yard sale and removed the handle. Then I rummaged in my collection of old linens, and tried, unsuccessfully, to pose the folds with toothpicks. In the end, I arranged the folds without trying to get so close to my inspiration. You may recall this drawing.

I took the opportunity to play with the image as an etching. This 3 x 4 plate is waiting for me to print a little edition of baskets.

All this preparation was leading up to the painting. Here, finally, is the result.

Basket of Linens
Oil on linen panel

12 x 16

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