Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pulley #1

This is called Pulley #1 because I have an even bigger pulley waiting in the wings, so I know there will be at least one more pulley painting, and I might not stop there. I really like these things. Thanks to our friend Paul for lending me this one!

10" x 12" oil on linen panel

To purchase, contact me at
$720 plus shipping, unframed


Karen said...

Wow that is some exquisite painting....the refinement and accuracy of the materials are outstanding to me, and yet not in a way that detracts from the joy of the painting as a whole. And that red pencil, how perfect, how hilarious in some way!

Carol Lambert said...

Thanks so much, Karen! This one came together pretty well, I have to agree. I like that it pushes at the edges of the panel. These big pulleys are amazing, I will have to get a bigger panel to do the next one!

That red pencil, I knew I would need some color. I was casting around for something that would go with the theme, and recalled that the day before I had thrown a red pencil (one of Paul's carpenter pencils) from a wastepaper container into the trash barrel. I had the thought as I threw it out, I should keep this thing, I like the color! So I was right, I should have kept it. I dug it out of the garbage and it was perfect. Always trying to strike a balance between filling my house with interesting trash and getting rid of some of it. But next time I get that feeling, I should keep this, I probably will.