Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Differential with Japanese Banner

It helps, when one is a still life artist, to understand the secret lives of things. Objects can be quite lively when you get to know them. This differential, for instance, persuaded a fit young man to carry it 12 miles out of an abandoned junk pile somewhere in Alaska, despite the extra weight. When he left the state, he put it on the grass to one side of his yard sale, where it attracted me. Since then, it has been waiting patiently in my "heavy metal" box, all the while exerting a kind of tug on my awareness. In another part of my life, I was exploring old Japanese textiles. I did not realize this banner would have an affinity with the differential, but there it is.

Differential with Japanese Banner
16 x 20

oil on linen panel
For more information, contact me at info@carollambertarts.com


Karen Martin Sampson said...

I like the contrast here; the lightness, almost delicacy of the fabrics compared to the heavy, solid object. Nicely balanced colour choices too.

Jim Serrett said...

That is just very nice, a real ying yang feel. Truly like your work.

Carol Lambert said...

Thanks Karen and Jim for your encouraging words. When I started this piece, I had just returned from a trip to Japan. The quiet mood of the gardens stayed with me and influenced this piece, I think.