Saturday, October 4, 2008

Quiet Moment

Unlike most of the posts on the blog, this was not a one-day project. This is my piece from a recent workshop at Gage Academy in Seattle, with Costa Vavagiakis. (You may have seen this article featuring his work in American Artist magazine: The Self in Contemporary Self Portraits). I finally got this painting varnished and photographed. Eventually it will migrate over to my website, Carol Lambert Arts, where I show my larger pieces.

To purchase, contact me at
$1030 plus shipping, unframed


Karen said...

I'm so glad to see this! I was waiting. :) It's just beautiful, quiet, contemplative. I think the light on her hair is just spectacular! Are there more portraits in the works?

Carol Lambert said...

Thanks, Karen! Next one will be a self portrait, I do one about this time every year, then I'll see if anyone I know can sit still long enough!