Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Lesson From Raphaelle Peale

I began work on this piece some years ago, when my friend and teacher John Morra suggested I choose a painting I liked and, instead of making a copy, I re-create it with my own props. I have a deep affection for the work of Raphaelle Peale, so I decided to re-create one of his still lifes. I learned a lot doing this piece! I had no idea how carefully he balanced the elements until I tried it myself.

It took quite a while to pull together all the props for this piece, including some wheeling and dealing on Ebay. I never did find a dish resembling the one in the original, so that part is copied. The glass, decanter (and contents), fruit, nuts, raisins, and leaves were all gathered for this piece.

Two friends saw it, still unfinished, in my studio, and expressed an interest in buying it. That was the incentive I needed to tackle some bits that had slowed my progress, and they have now purchased the piece. Before doing so, they visited the National Gallery in Washington, D.C to see the original painting which inspired this one. I include an image here: Raphaelle Peale, A Dessert, August, 1814.

A Lesson From Raphaelle Peale

oil on linen panel 10.5" x 16"


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Linda Hill said...

So beautiful, Carol. I am working on a still life with the dark background. It is a challenge for me. This gives me incentive to persevere.