Sunday, July 12, 2009

Raising the Beam

Here is your typical Alaskan painter, mosquito netting rakishly folded away from the face, standing by the outhouse to complete a masterpiece. The sign on the outhouse says "Hippies use back door No Exceptions!" (outhouse humor.)

And here are her friends, doing their best to raise the beam of the new addition on the remote cabin.

And here is the mamma bear with one of her two cubs, visiting the area the next morning, just minutes after abovementioned artist returned from abovementioned outhouse!

Slightly out of focus because the photographer got a little excited. Also, bears move a lot. That's the cub nuzzling mom.

And here is the painting.

Oil on linen panel, 8" x 10"


Karen said...

I love in the fireweed painting how the flowers recede so well. I taking notes here, on the diminishing detail.

The bears!! How amazing to have them just walking around you like that. I can't even imagine.

And it's really interesting how such a subtle change in the perspective made such a difference in the image as a whole.

So did you use the back door? :)

Carol Lambert said...

Ha! There is no back door on that outhouse, of course, but hippies are pretty resourceful. There are the woods (and there are the bears! And does a bear . . .?)

Thanks for your comment on the fireweed! I am going to do at least one more fireweed painting based on a sketch from the trip above the arctic circle. There were big fires up there a few years ago, and after the fires, these flowers come up to become beautiful pink meadows. Thus the name.

(if you are reading this and confused, please see the post of 13 July.)