Friday, January 9, 2009

Fruited Almond Bread

Here is the first painting of 2009, depicting a Fruited Almond Holiday Loaf, the beautiful creation of Alison and Dan at Rise and Shine Bakery in Anchorage. It was really hard not to eat it before the painting was finished. It smelled yummy, looked wonderful, and tasted so good when I was all done.

You can have a look Alison and Dan's photo album to see more images of them and their breads. Alison is also a driving force behind the Farmer's Market and Local Foods movement in Anchorage. Thanks to her and her farmer colleagues, I have access to great vegetables for painting and eating, and she provides recipes too!

8" x 10" oil on linen panel


Karen said...

Thanks for the links! The breads look wonderful. And I'll let you know when I try some of those delicious recipes!

The bread is wonderful in the the little bits of fruit, but I'm especially intrigues by your drapery in this one. The shadows/folds are so perfect and soft!

Honor Martinez said...

Just found your site and what a marvelous painter you are. I really enjoyed the cups and the eggs. Honor