Thursday, September 25, 2008

Savage River #1

On September 21 I had a great day painting in Denali National Park. This is a view of Savage River. Thanks to Steve DuBois, a friendly Alaskan photographer, who took this photo! It was windy up there on the road, and I was so cold I could hardly hold the brush still. It was worth it, though. What a fantastic place!

6" x 8" oil on linen panel


aa said...

This is very good painting. I hope you had a great time while painting Savage River.


Karen said...

Hi Carol,
I love this!! It's vast, and also peaceful to me. And congrats that it's sold! It was funny reading your description of how cold it was...I read this when I got home from painting and it was so hot here! I do look forward to the change of seasons to get more of the types of colors you have in this image.

I also like to see the pictures of you and where you're painting.