Monday, June 3, 2013

Gold Pitcher, Noble Ladies

I am playing around with fabric backgrounds. My experiments are not always successful, but there is something about this one I like.

Behind the pitcher is a Japanese textile showing some ancient court ladies, with their long tresses and billowing robes.

My reflection is visible on the surface of the pitcher, backlit, so it is just a shadowy form.

I hope you like my experiment too.

Now, just for fun, I'll tell you what happens to a painting after the last brushstroke.

First, it dries for several weeks, then I varnish it.

Then I gather lamp stands, high temperature bulbs, diffusion filters, extension cords, an easel, a bubble level, a tape measure, a tripod, a camera and a lens. I mount the painting, level it and the camera, and measure to equalize the light from all directions. I take 3 shots, at different exposures.

I bring the camera to the Mac, download my shots, check for glare reflection, color accuracy, focus, and that the image has nice, square corners. When all is finally right (2 tries for this painting), I crop the image to just the painting, make a few color corrections, then I save the image in various sizes.

I put my copyright on the web size shot. I post it here, on Facebook (Carol Lambert Paintings and Drawings), and sometimes on my website. I also create an inventory page for the piece. I frame the painting, and, when it sells, I record my costs, the buyer's contact information, and the price. That's the whole process. Someday I will have a brilliant assistant to do it all.

Until then, you can contact me directly.

Gold Pitcher, Noble Ladies

11 x 14
oil on linen panel
For more information, contact me at

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