Sunday, April 19, 2009

Veg Van painting completed

Here is the final result of the painting for the vegetable van. I will do one more, I think. After all, the van has 2 sides! I thought about taking more pictures along the way but kept telling myself I was almost finished, so I might as well wait. Then, of course, it was another week before it was really finished. That's how it always is with me, I think I'm almost done, then I'm not. My apologies to those who wanted more "in progress" photos.

I hope if you see this painting driving around town this summer, you will let me know. And please visit the farmer's market too, the vegetables there are beautiful, fresh, and delicious!

Oil on linen, 12' x 24"

This one is not for sale yet. After we get the image onto the van, I will price it. If you are interested in a purchase, please contact me at


susan hong-sammons said...

What a great idea and compostition!!! I love this

Carol Lambert said...

Thanks Susan! I appreciate the encouragement!
When I was all done with this one I did something I had wanted to do ever since reading this blog post
about the painting "Mound of Butter," which I saw on a visit to the National Gallery last October. I pulled out a canvas that I had drawn a landscape on, and just went for it. It came out very loose, very colorful, really fun.
So I am considering doing the painting for the other side of the van in a very loose manner, just to show people there is more than one way to look at a collection of vegetables.

Karen said...

It turned out so well. I just think it's so wonderful that your paintings will be driving all around the area. And that is a very interesting idea, about the two sides of the van. Tell us more as you think about that.

Will you post a picture of the van with your work on it?

Jala Pfaff said...

Wow, how wonderful it ended up being. I love it. Congrats.