Monday, March 23, 2009

Hand Drill, completed

Here is the final result of some months of work on the hand drill painting. Below are a few more photos of work in progress since my last post.

I took this as I began to finish the lower part of the drapery and the drill.

Going a little further to refine the drapery and the values.

I began this painting in November 2007, put it aside for quite a while, and picked it up again in December of 2008.

Yes, I had the set up in my studio for all those months! I needed to move it a few times, so the drapery was disturbed from its original position. I rearranged the drapery as I worked.

If you compare the finished piece to the "in progress" photos in this and the previous post, you will see changes in the drawing, the edges, and the drapery of the lower half.

Normally, I try to keep all parts of a painting moving forward at the same pace, but this one had "arrested development." For all these reasons, the top and bottom parts of the painting were completed at different times.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the "in progress" post!

24" x 12" oil on linen panel

No price on this one yet, but if you are interested in a purchase, contact me at


Molly said...

Love this one. Old tools are comforting to look at and artfully made.

Linda Hill said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! What a old hand drill on drapery fabric. Wonderful. Linda

Carol Lambert said...

Thanks, Molly! I appreciate your comment! I have other old tools
waiting in the wings, so there will be more. Before I launch into
another one, I want to do something easy, one piece of fruit or
something! The old tools are calling me though . . .

Carol Lambert said...

Thanks, Linda! This fabric looks elegant,but in fact it is a painter's tarp! It is made of some paper and cloth blend, so that it has a lot of strength, giving the folds real "body." I left out some splatters of paint, decided they would be a distraction. If I use it again I will probably try to include them.

Karen said...

I should have written this comment when I first opened this image and my jaw pretty much dropped. It's one of those paintings that, even though you explained how you made it, and have process shots, I'm still amazed in a way, like, 'I can't begin to imagine how she did that...'
Really, it's just incredible.

Carol Lambert said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for your comment! It was a very slow process. But it was sure fun when things started to look right. The hardest part was all the teeth on those big gears. Getting them aligned, every one has a slightly different shadow. Crazy stuff.

Jala Pfaff said...

Really great piece.

Kelly Singleton said...

This is beautifully done! Great job.

Dianne Roberson Hendrix said...

Really nice painting, looks like I could just reach in and pick it up.

Carol Lambert said...

Thanks, Kelly, Jala, and Dianne! I appreciate your encouraging words!